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Thank you to everyone who joined the book launch party. The print book is now ready to be shipped. Order yours today! 

Book Launch Party - Facebook Live

Join the author and guests who have experienced the miracle of PRP. Hear their personal stories.
November 28 at 6 PM Link to Party
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Dr. Cody's New Book Has Been Published


Come learn how each and everyone of us have a miracle at our fingertips……

Coursing through your bloodstream is a miraculous golden healing liquid called Platelet Rich Plasma [PRP, for short]. PRP contains all the healing factors your body uses to heal. Using this knowledge, we can concentrate this priceless blood component and reintroduce it into your body to heal injuries or as an esthetic treatment. Learn how your own body holds the key to healing. It truly is “you healing you”.

You Healing You coming soon to a bookstore near you!

This book tells the story of  how Dr. Cody stumbled across the miraculous world of Platelet Rich Plasma and discovered the healing power inside each of us. Read what she has learned and how it can help you.