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Golden mean
As we age, we lose collagen under the skin, so then the skin collapses toward the bone, and then the skin wrinkles. But you can reverse this natural process by putting collagen back into the collapsing areas.  Dermal filler is a great tool to reverse aging characteristics if used correctly.

Dermal fillers are either hyaluronic acid or calcium hydroxylapetite which are both found naturally in the body. They lift the skin away from the bone to restore a more youthful volume and shape. This takes an artistic eye. Some injectors distort the shape by chasing all wrinkles or not truly understanding the normal shape of the human face. This is why you have seen some women look ridiculous. When you look at them it makes you jump. You can see the distortion immediately.

Beauty is mathematical. Yes, really it is. I learned this in dentistry many years ago. It is called the Golden Proportion. You know it as soon as you see it distorted. The ratio is 1 to 1.62.

In dentistry, we have a gauge called the Golden Mean Gauge. It is a double pronged instrument that measures one tooth as 1.6 and the other as 1. A front tooth should be 1.6 and the lateral tooth next to it is 1.
Marquardt beauty mask
But this ratio holds true throughout nature and more importantly for the face. If we measure what we find beautiful, it always follows this ratio. I will show you.

This is called the Marquardt Beauty Mask for females. It is a map of the Golden Proportion of 1 to 1.618 of every facial feature compared to the rest of the face. The absolutely amazing thing is race does not matter at all. Here are some examples. Look at these examples of beauty...

The key is to stay within the RULES of beauty.  When you see woman that have had filler but look almost funny, it is because they broke the rules of beauty. You seriously can never look 22 years old again. But you can look refreshed and restored.

Filler Is An Immediate Beautifier. You Can See Results Instantly

Before and after
The one area that makes a huge impact is adding cheeks. A depression develops from the inner eye at a diagonal to the cheek which makes us look tired and old.

Don’t you just hate it when someone comments on how tired you look and you are not tired at all? The cheek area under the eye is one area which gives you an enormous boost to looking and feeling good.

Another great area is the ‘marionette’ lines. They are the lines starting from the corner of your mouth and going down the sides of your chin. These make us look mean, droopy and sad.

These lines can be rather deep depending on the shape of your mouth and any tooth loss.

The nasolabial area is from the corner of the nose to the mouth. Using filler on these depressions depends on what your cheeks look like. It is OK to have some shadowing on the face. I think this is the mistake other injectors make – trying to chase every shadow and every wrinkle and distort the shape of the face. This is plain ugly. You all have seen it with Hollywood actresses who do not look better, but worse after cosmetic dermal filler. Less is more in this situation. And the injector must follow the Golden Proportion Rules. (Because they are the rules!!!) My personal goal is to make everyone look like themselves, only a refreshed version. It is simple: follow the rules.

Dermal filler (collagen) does a fantastic job of improving the face shape but it does not address skin texture or skin tone. If you need improvement in the smoothness and the glow of the skin we have had tremendous success with Vampire Facelift® adding PRP (platelet rich plasma) to the dermal filler treatment.


Botox is a neurotoxin that paralyzes your muscles. If this sounds ominous, keep reading and I will explain.  Botox is very helpful to reduce wrinkles but only in certain areas. Basically, the main area is the forehead area. A funny thing is you do not need your forehead to move to be animated. You do need your eyes to move to be animated. 

Botox paralyzes muscles so that they cannot contract pulling the skin together creating a crease in the skin.  If the muscles do not move for a period of time, the skin smooths out. Some patients are young when they start Botox (30 years old and younger).  The idea is preventive maintenance.

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