The Hands Have It

If you want to guess someone’s age, what do you look at? Hands. Yes, that’s right the back of your hands give everything away. Is there anything we can do about our hands? Yes. Read on.

The skin gets super thin and loses its fullness. The blood vessels bulge out a distasteful blue. The tendons pop up as the main focal point. This describes a common picture of aging hands.
You are not stuck living with those old hands.

Adding dermal filler fills in the crevices in between the tendons restoring the thickness to the skin.

With the special addition of Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP), you lay down your own collagen and reduce the wrinkles of the skin.

Here is a side by side comparison. The right hand is the example of before treatment and the left hand is treated with dermal filler and PRP.

You can take control Dermal filler and PRP can improve the back of your hands