As we age, everything moves south and gets looser. We see it easily in our faces or our underarms but the vagina also ages. There is a safe, scientifically proven treatment that refreshes the vaginal tissue. Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP)has at least 15 growth factors that initiate and coordinate healing in every part of the body including the vaginal tissue. The healing factors in PRP contribute to increase blood flow to the vaginal area, creating smoother, fuller, healthier skin on the lips of the vagina. It also increases natural lubrication, as well as improved libido.

Woman report that they experience enhanced orgasmic intensity and improved urinary incontinence.

The O-Shot Procedure:    
  • Is a quick medical procedure (30 minutes)
  • Topical anesthetic eliminates any discomfort
  • No synthetic, foreign drugs used only organic, natural self-healing
  • Virtually No down time
  • Increased and more numerous orgasms
  • Improved Clitoral Stimulation
  • Decreased Urinary Incontinence
  • Help with Painful Sex

The O-Shot can help heal many issues and help many woman regain their sexual confidence and their sexual identity.